Carrie & Grant Michaelson     Dixon, CA  916-417-0003

Josko Grauner al Shakir House

AKC# WS5277061

CHIC# 115276

OFA Hips Good GD-13494G24M-VPI

OFA Elbows Normal GD-EL2801M24-VPI

OFA Heart Normal GD-CA4369/26M-VPI

OFA Thyroid GD-TH3252/26M-VPI

OFA Eyes Normal GD-EYE1028/25M-PI

Peroni is negative for the Piebald gene

We would like to thank Aida from Shakir House in Italy for this beautiful sweet boy. We are very happy with how Peroni has matured, he has the most gentle personality. Below is a breeding announcement for Peronis litter as well as picture pedigree.

Left to right, Peronis dam Chardonnay di Shakir House, Grandsire Beowulf del Castello delle Rocche, Grandsire Hannibal Lector, Granddam Shakir, Mary Jojo di Shakir House

Pictured below, Offspring