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Welcome to GEM Danes, feel free to send us an email or call/text anytime with questions or to set up an appointment to meet us and our Danes. You can also find us on facebook under Carrie Michaelson, instagram gem_danes, you tube under Gem Danes. We tend to keep facebook more current as its easiest to load photos/videos.

My family has had Danes for almost 40 years, I started breeding in 2008. We decided to start breeding not only for the love of the breed but because it was hard to find a honest quality breeder that not only produced quality but was there for their puppy families every step of the way. We are pleased that our puppy families not only become our friends but they are like family. Because of our dedication to the breed and our puppies produced most of our puppy families have more than one of our babies.

When breeding, Conformation, Health and Temperament are all equally as important. Today as breeders we are extremely lucky to have the tools we do with health testing through OFA/Pennhip, color testing, temperament testing such as TT and CGC through AKC and showing conformation AKC, UKC and International. A breeder that uses these tools shows their dedication to the breed and proving their stock. Unfortunately the internet is swamped with puppy sales from poor breeding. Many have learned to use fancy terms to make buyers feel they are taking appropriate steps as a breeder....they may use the term health tested. If they don't test through ofa/pennhip or have excuses why they don't I would see this as a red flag. Breeders that use the term "Euro".....another red flag. Both the AKC and European registry FCI have almost identical standards, European Danes should still look like a Dane. They should not resemble the droopy saggy messes bad breeders import and sell puppies under the term "euro". Ask questions, about why they bred the pair? A breeder should breed for themselves first....if they don't plan to keep or co-own a pup why did they breed? What where they hoping to improve with this generation? Each generation should be better than the last. Ask about health of the line? Age, bloat, health testing etc. A breeder breeds because they love the breed and should be more than happy to explain their program as well as nutrition and training. We have included some links in education on our breed, from the basics on structure, feeding, color etc. as well as some links to other sites. If we don't have anything available or coming up would be more than happy to recommend other quality breeders. 

We can take every step possible to produce a quality well rounded puppy, but its just as important for their families to feed them properly, follow vaccination and worming recommendations as well as properly and safely socialize. We are there every step of the way to help.

Great Danes have definitely become our lifestyle, but my other passion is horses. I have grown up showing hunter/jumpers on the west coast. I currently have a grey hanovarian jumper named Legend. My dogs often frequent the barn with me. I am also beyond lucky to have an amazing husband named Grant. I couldn't do what I do without his help and support. 

Well, I hope you enjoy our website, we try to continue to update pictures and information.

Thank you,

Carrie & Grant Michaelson

Gem Danes