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Education is not only important for breeders but for families looking for a beloved pet. Its important to be able to spot a quality Dane, helps weed out the breeders breeding poor quality Danes lacking type. Structure is just as important as health, poor structure can cause injury and the body to break down. Showing is a great tool, not only shows the breeders dedication to the breed but proves the quality of the dog. Its also important to realize just because a dog has its Championship it doesn't mean its should be bred....there are other important pieces of the and temperament. In my opinion health testing should be done through OFA or Pennhip. Testing is done and sent off, tested dogs are scanned for microchip or tattoo to prove that the dog in question is the one being tested. you can then go to the ofa website type in the registered name or # of the dog and it brings up results. Not only for dog in question but sire/dam, offspring, siblings etc. This is an excellent tool not only for a breeder but for a pet families piece of mind. Of course health testing isn't a guarantee, but when generations pass testing the chances of an issue popping up lesson. In the end a reputable breeder will stand behind and support their families through the good and the bad.

Temperament! Danes are the gentle Giants of the canine world....they are wonderful family and guard dogs but should not be aggressive. There are temperament tests that one can do, AKC has CGC (canine good citizen) and TT (Temperament Testing) titles that dogs can receive. In the end the breeder should allow you to visit their property so you can interact and see how the dogs live and puppies are raised. 

I hope these pages will help guide you on your journey to finding the perfect Dane for you. If we don't have any puppies available would be glad to recommend a reputable breeder, if you are interested in a rescue contact Northern California Great Dane Rescue or West Coast Mastiff Rescue.