Carrie & Grant Michaelson     Dixon, CA  916-417-0003

We don't have any available puppies but do have upcoming plans. If you would like details and to get on our wait list please email me at with your details. 


 If you would like to be added to a waiting the list, or would like details on available/upcoming puppies please email me at with your details, location, Dane experience and what you are looking for, male/female, color, pet/show. You can see on our Puppies and Past Puppy pages details on how we raise our puppies. We are proud to use Puppy Culture Techniques, socialize by rules of 7's and ENS (early neurological stimulation). We continue our education not just on how to better the breed but how we can better raise well rounded puppies, give them the best start and mentor our families in health, training and nutrition. Pictured below are past puppies.

Thank you,

Carrie Michaelson