Show Record:

  • 4/23-4/24/22 AKC 4-6 Month Puppy, Two best of breed and two group 4’s.
  • 7/1-7/4/22 UKC 6 Best of breed, 4 Group 4’s and 4 Competition wins, Wins her UKC Championship
  • 7/15/22 AKC Monterey Great Dane Speciality, 3rd and 4th in her very large competitive class
  • 723-7/24 Int/Nat’l Dixon show, 4 best of breed and 4 best of breed bred by junior, 4 working group 1 bred by, 3 working group 1, best in show bred by puppy, 2 reserve best in show bred by and reserve best in show puppy. 
  • 10/28/22 AKC Reserve Winners Bitch Dixon
  • 5/12/23 AKC Gold Country KC Yuba City Winners Bitch for a point under Mr. Robert Robinson
  • 5/14/23 AKC Yuba City RWB 
  • 6/2/23 AKC San Joaquin KC, Lodi Winners Bitch under Mrs. Donnell Richard’s 
  • 6/4/23 AKC San Joaquin KC, Lodi Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Breed owner handler under Mr. Gary Dunlop 
  • 7/7/23 AKC Lost Coast Kennel Club, Ferndale Winners Bitch Best of Opposite under Mr. Dell Richards 
  • 7/8/23 AKC Lost Coast KC, Ferndale Winners Bitch/best of Opposite under Mrs. Donnelle Richards
  • 7/9/23 AKC Lost Coast KC, Ferndale RWB under Mr. James Reynolds 
  • 10/14/23 AKC Sierra-Tuolumne KC Winners Bitch under Ms. Diane Collings 
  • 10/27/23 AKC Working dog Dixon, 2 Reserve Winners Bitch 
  • 12/8/23-12/9/23 AKC Woodland Reserve Winners Bitch
  • 3/14, 3/15, 3/17 AKC Anderson 3 reserve winners under Mr. Graser, Mrs. Riedel and Mrs. Meyer 
  • 3/21/24 AKC Corning Reserve winners under Dr.
  • 5/10/24 AKC Yuba City WB Under Ms. Whittier 

Health Testing

OFA Heart Normal GD-BCA730/25F/P-VPI

OFA Thyroid Normal GD-TH247/24F-VPI

OFA Dentition Normal GD-DE498/25F-VPI

​OFA Eyes Normal GD-EYE3966/29F-VPI

​OFA Hips Mild 

BISBBE, RBISBBE, RBIS, Int/Nat’l Honors Jr. CH, UKC CH GEM Cow A Bunga​,  FDC


​GCH Triplecrest Easter Parade x Int/Nat’l CH Wasabi Von Der Faust

​AKC WS75071603

Carrie & Grant Michaelson     Esparto, CA 530-650-1898