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What Is Puppy Culture?

  • Preparation and Prenatal Care
  • ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation)
  • Weaning Set up and Suggestions
  • Developmental Periods

               -Understanding Behavioral Markers

               -Age-Appropriate games and exercises

               -Handling fear periods

  • Enrichment Effect

               -Creating a Enriching environment

               -Puzzles and Problem Solving

               -Active vs Passive Challenges

  • Early Socialization

               -Safety Measures

               -How to hold a Puppy Party

               -Vaccinations vs Socialization

  • Communication Trinity

               -Training Marker

               -Offering Good Behaviors


  • Problem Preventing

               -Emotional Resiliency Exercises

               -Anti Aggression Protocols

               -Sound-proofing Puppies

  • Prepping your Puppy Buyers

Puppy Culture offers a variety of DVD's, one that I highly recommend is "The Powerful First 12 weeks". For puppy owners it goes over the critical Socialization period, holding a safe and effective puppy party, how to find a good puppy class, vaccination vs. socialization, handling fear periods, leash walking, recall, crate & potty training, Training markers, Manding, preventing common behavior problems like resource guarding, separation anxiety, biting and jumping. DVD's "The Puppy Party" and "Puppy Scent Games" go into further detail.

For those raising a puppy to show "Stack and Deliver" and "Killer Free Stack" are wonderful! Really set a great foundation to start from and these tools can be implemented at any age. Also the basis for how the free stack is taught will also help with leash training, focus and basic obedience down the road.

"Attention is the Mother of all Behaviors" helps teach focus and redirection. This will help further a dogs training or "fix" behavioral issues.

We are proud Puppy Culture breeders, Even though for many years we have utilized ENS, Rules of 7's and enrichment activities we where so glad to find this program, it brings everything together and fills in the blanks. A wonderful way to educate puppy families on the process we go through raising the puppies as well as helping them understand developmental periods and how best to continue the work we have started.

To check out more on Puppy Culture and purchase DVD's click on the Puppy Culture logo.