Show Record:

  • 9/9/21-9/12/21 just a few days after turning 4 months, in the AKC 4-6 month show in Vallejo she earns 4 best of breeds, a group one and a group two. 
  • 11/26/21 AKC Monterey Speciality, Two Best Puppy in Show 
  • 11/27/21 AKC NorCal Speciality, Two Best Puppy in show
  • 11/28/21 AKC NorCal Speciality, Best of Opposite in Sweeps 
  • 12/31-1/2/22 UKC winners bitch in 4 classes, best of winners and best of breed, group 3, 4 competition wins toward her Championship
  • 1/22-23/22 Int/Nat’l 4 best of breed puppy/best bred by puppy, one group two, 5 group 3’s
  • 3/19/22 AKC Anderson Shasta kennel club Reserve winners bitch
  • 4/2/22 AKC B match Sacramento Kennel club Best in Match!!! BOB and group 1 
  • 4/17/22 AKC Sacramento Kennel Club Lodi, Winners Bitch/Best of Winners 
  • 4/30-5/1 AKC NorCal Speciality, wins her competitive Puppy Class twice
  • 5/14-5/15 AKC California Speciality Wins her Competitive Bred By Class twice
  • 6/9/22 AKC Woofstock Reserve Winners Bitch
  • 6/25/22 UKC Best of breed Twice, Working Group 3 and 4, receives her UKC Championship 
  • 7/15/22 AKC Monterey Great Dane Specialty Wins the very large competitive Bred by Class 
  • 7/23-7/24/22 Dixon International show, 4 Top Scores, 2 best of breed and best of bred bred by, Bred by working group 1 and 2 and reserve on Gold cup. 
  • 8/12/22 AKC San Joaquin Kennel club Lodi RWB
  • 10/7-9/22 AKC Morgan Hill Two RWB
  • 10/13-10/15/22 AKC Santa Rosa 3 RWB
  • 11/12-11/13/22 AKC Napa 2 RWB 
  • 12/9/22 AKC Woodland RWB 
  • 2/18/23 AKC Fresno RWB
  • 3/16-3/19/23 AKC Shasta Kennel Club, 3 RWB’s 
  • 3/23-3/25/23 AKC Oakland Kennel Club, Vallejo WB under Mr. Ken J. Murray and two RWB’s other days
  • 4/16/23 AKC California Great Dane speciality under Mr. Bill Stebbins WB 5 Point major, best of winners, best of breed owner handled, best in show bred by exibitor
  • 4/20/23 AKC Redwood Empire KC WB under Mr. Ken Buxton
  • 4/21/23 AKC Redwood Empire KC WB/BOW under Mrs. Donna Buxton
  • 4/22/23 AKC Chief Solano KC WB/BOW under Ms. Diane Collings 
  • 4/23/23 AKC Chief Solano KC WB/BOW/BOBOH and OH working group one, under Mr. John Walsh 
  • 5/11/23 AKC Gold County KC Yuba City Winners Bitch, Best of winners under Denise Dean, now looking for her last major
  • 8/16/23 AKC Best Bred by in show Mount Rainier Working Dog Club, Enumclaw Washington 
  • 8/18/23 AKC 3 Point major to Finish her Championship under Mr. Philip
  • 9/14/23 AKC Select Bitch for her first Grand Champion Point
  • 9/24/23 AKC Dixon Best of Breed Owner Handler
  • 9/29/30 AKC Kennewick WA, Walla Walla KC, Best of Breed Owner Handler 
  • 10/14/23 AKC Sierra-Tuolumne KC Select Bitch under Ms. Diane Collings
  • 10/15/23 AKC Sierra-Tuolumne KC Best of Opposite and best of breed owner handler underMrs. Nancy Eilks
  • 10/15/23 AKC, Sake passes her testing and receives her AKC ATT title
  • 10/27/23 AKC Dixon Best of Opposite and best of breed owner handler under Adrian
  • 11/10/23 AKC Napa Select Bitch and Best of breed owner handler under Dr. Donald Sturz Jr. 
  • 11/11/23 AKC Napa Select Bitch under Ms. Victoria Jordan 
  • 12/2/23 Received her AKC Farm Dog Title
  • 3/10/24 UKC two best of breeds and a group 3
  • 3/14/24 AKC Anderson Shasta KC Select bitch Best of breed owner handler Mr. Graser 
  • 3/15/24 AKC Anderson Shasta KC Best of Opposite and Best of Breed owner handler under Mrs. Riedel 
  • 3/16/24 AKC Anderson Shasta KC Best of breed and best of breed owner handled and Group 1 under Mr. Moses
  • 3/17/24 AKC Anderson Shasta KC Select Bitch under Mrs. Meyer
  • 3/21/24 AKC Corning Select Bitch Dr. Battaglia 
  • 3/22/24 AKC Corning Select Bitch Mr. Ramirez 

BISSOH, BISSBBE, MBPISS(4), Int/Nat’l Honors CH, UKC CH, Am CH GEM Booey Saké Bomb, ATT, FDC


AKC# WS73263801 

Int/Nat’l CH, UKC CH, Am CH Northernaire’s GEM Baba Booey, CHIC, FDC, ATT, CGC, TKN, VHM  x Int/Nat’l CH Wasabi Von Der Faust, OFA

OFA Hips Good GD-16899G31F-U-NOPI

OFA Eyes Normal GD-EYE3758/28F-NOPI

OFA Thyroid Normal

OFA Heart Normal

​OFA Dentition Full

Carrie & Grant Michaelson     Esparto, CA 530-650-1898